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  • Can you make me sound like [trending vocalist]

    That depends. If your voice is already very similar to that vocalist, we can get as close as possible.
    However, the point is to develop your voice to do its best work and every voice is a little bit different.
    Instead of trying to force your voice to do something it wasn’t built to do, we’re going to focus on building healthy habits so you can do filthy nasty vocals all the way into the grave.

  • Who are you to be teaching vocals?

    That’s a fair question.

    I have over a decade of developing my voice to be an instrument of its own. Throughout this time, I’ve taken a very analytical approach to understand how to keep myself safe while experimenting with some of the craziest sounds in metal.

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Hi, my name is Mark Garrett, vocalist of Kardashev on Metal Blade Records and NeverBreath, with guest vocals for Viraemia and more.

If you’re here, you’re looking for a vocal coach to teach you how to scream in a way that works for you, gives you power, and allows your unique voice to last as long as possible.